5 proven Tips to Improve Your Focus and Concentration


5 proven Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Focus and Concentration. You might say it is because you don’t have the willpower to accomplish what you set out to do. You might say it is because you are too busy or too overwhelmed to act on your resolution. My guess is, it could be any of those things, but it is more likely that you have just started down a path without your compass and you have started to lose your way.

Rather than rattling off a list of things, sit down and think about what is it that you really want to achieve and set a solid intention for accomplishing your goal. I also suggest that you focus on only one or two intentions at a time. No matter what is that you would like to achieve, setting an intention can and will set you on a course for success.

Here are 5 proven Tips to Improve Your Focus and Concentration and Finally Achieve Your goal:
1- Get clear.

In setting an intention, you’re making it clear to yourself and to others exactly what you plan to do. Define the definition of what accomplishing your goal would be. For instance, you know you’ve reached your goal of improving your management skills when you consistently feel more satisfied with your ability to deal with tough situations and motivate your staff. You may even get that promotion you have been after!

2- Realize that an intention comes in several sizes and every large goal is filled with big and small intentions.

With follow through, each intention will ultimately lead to success. For instance, if your resolution is to improve your management skills, your first intention may be to speak with your upper managers to find out what skills and traits you may want to focus on.

3- Do not let confusion overwhelm your intention.

You may have lots of passion about your resolution, but passion without a plan is wasted energy and will eventually fizzle out. Setting an intention to take a step towards your goal each day will keep you on the right path and help to clear away confusion.

4- Use your resources.

Ask for what you want and need from other people. For instance, if you look up to somebody’s management style, ask him or her for tips and possibly even support. Chances are they will be flattered and very willing to share advice.

5- Be accountable.

Choose your resolutions carefully and decide what really interests you. Take responsibility even when things don’t work as it should. Don’t make excuses and don’t throw others under the bus. Nevertheless, nothing can take the place of honoring your intentions to yourself. You will be amazed at how your self-esteem and sense of accomplishment will increase when you hold yourself accountable.

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