A Good Book May Save You 5 Years of Your Life Trial and Error.



A good book may save you 5 years of your life trial and error and speed up your learning curve by 1000%. Authors like me spend years writing a book which readers can read and gain knowledge and wisdom in a brief period.

There is a book in any subject that people may want to learn about, but many neglects to read. Most people don’t read a book in a year and some read just trash—which won’t enhance their life, career, or relationship in any form.

I’m not saying to read as much as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but if you want to be better at something become a reader. Anyone can start changing his/her life and join the top 5% of the world just by reading a book per week. If you can do this, you will be way ahead 95% of the entire world and dominated your competition.


Why should you consider becoming a good reader?

Many successful people had written their stories of success and failure. This means you can avoid a least some mistakes and find your path to success and achievement faster.

There is a book on everything–you name it.

How to spot an opportunity?

How to avoid certain failures?

How to be wealthy?

How to be healthy?

How to be a better leader?

How to be better parent?

Start reading what interesting you today!

You don’t even need to spend money to buy a book that’s why there’s public library for.

You don’t need to spend hours a day reading a book.

In fact, many people spend enough TV time to read all nonfiction books at their local public library in a year.

Become a good reader!

To be continued.



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