Discipline: what is it about?


Why do you need Self-discipline? What is it about?

What is self-discipline all about and why it is crucial to succeed? Self-discipline is a pattern of conduct where you choose to do things you know you should do instead of those you want to do. Discipline is the inner power that pushes you to get out of bed and  exercise, go to work, or do the housework every morning instead of sleeping for unnecessary hours. It is when you assert your willpower over the basic desires you have. Self-discipline is the synonym for success.

When you are disciplined, you have a personal initiative to start and finish regardless of resistance. If you are disciplined, you have the strength to endure all the difficulties, whether physical, mental, or emotional. This allows you to forgo immediate satisfaction in order to achieve something better, even if it takes time and effort.

Discipline is one of the cornerstones of living a fulfilling and successful life, something we must all master.

When you are constantly doing the things you know you should be doing you will enjoy several benefits:

  • Once you consistently do the things you know you need to do, you will also increase your chances of achieving your goals.
  • People will respect you, including your spouse, your employees, and those around you that are able to see your efforts.
  • Your self-esteem will shoot through the roof. Every time you push yourself to do things that you know you should do, your self-image will get stronger.
  • You will influence the lives of others. All good and right things you do can influence the lives of others, and you may even have an effect of dominion over some of the future generations.
  • You will witness greater success in the different facets of your life.
  • And the last but not least, your life will be more satisfying and rewarding when you are disciplined.

On the other side, if you’re constantly neglecting the things you know you must do when you need to do them, there will be downsides you can expect:

  • You will never be able to reach your targets.
  • Not feel good with yourself, even if you strive to justify your actions.
  • You are going to lose the respect of the people who depend on your actions and those around you.

The choice of becoming a more disciplined person can be considered one of the most crucial decisions you ever take in your life.

My book Self-discipline 365 can put you in the path of freedom and achievements.

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