How To Improve Self-esteem?


Self-esteem is to accept who you are, believe in yourself, and demand respect and fairness from others. There are many people who are in trouble because of low confidence in themselves. There is always a cause for those with low self-esteem. This article introduces the cause and how to deal with it. Having self-esteem can change the way you think about things and reduce your worries, so please read on.

What Is The Really Meaning Of Self-Esteem?

What exactly is self-esteem in the first place?

Self-esteem is a term that refers to the feeling that you are an excellent person or that you dislike the words and deeds that depress you. In other words, I express a positive feeling toward myself. People with high self-esteem are full of self-confidence and can be positive in situations where ordinary people would be depressed.

However, if your self-esteem is too high, you may be criticized or hurt by others. From now on, I will explain how to develop self-esteem for people who have no self-esteem, but be careful not to assume that you are absolutely right as a result.

Self-Esteem Is Different From Self-Affirmation

In words similar to the self-esteem, “self-esteem” There is a thing called. Self-affirmation is the feeling of accepting yourself as you are, saying, “You can be yourself.”

People with high self-esteem and those with strong self-affirmation are similar, but they have different views on negative evaluation. People with strong self-affirmation accept their weaknesses and mistakes as they are, but those with high self-esteem think that they are not weak and correct.

Self-Esteem It Is Also Difference From Pride

A word similar to self-esteem is pride . It is often uses as the same thing, but there are some differences in nuances.

People with high pride are characterized by a strong desire to be recognized by others. On the other hand, people with high self-esteem are, of course, concerned about the evaluation of others to some extent, but basically they are satisfied with admitting themselves.

Three Characteristics Of People With Low Self-esteem

To increase your self-esteem, you first need to make sure that your self-esteem is not low. There are six characteristics that are common to people with low self-esteem. If you’re concerned about your self-esteem, self-check to see if this feature applies to you.

Below, we will introduce six characteristics of people with low self-esteem.

  1. Underestimate yourself

People with low self-esteem tend to underestimate themselves and feel disliked.

Even if it seems that other people are doing well, the person in question thinks negatively, such as “I am not good” or “There are many better people”, and I am depressed. If you do not recognize yourself, you will not be confident in whatever you do, and you will gradually take negative actions from the beginning, saying “I can’t do anything” or “I will fail even if I try.”

  1. I ‘m not good at communication

People with low self-esteem tend to envy, attack, and be jealous of others, rather than trying to make an effort when they feel bad. It’s probably because I gave up because I couldn’t do it after making an effort.

As a result, they can become isolated in the community. It’s a situation where you should take actions such as having someone who can do it teach you, but you can’t get in touch with people well, and you’re addicted to a negative loop where you can’t get out of a state where you can’t.

  1. Motivation rises and falls sharply

People with low self-esteem tend to have a lot of ups and downs in motivation. If you have a normal day, you may not feel confident. The reason may be that the cloud of things that I am responsible for is suspicious.

For example, if you are in charge of a job that you are not sure if you can do it, you will be worried about whether you can do it, and your motivation will drop steadily. However, although it regains confidence by being evaluated by others, it can be regarded as a difficult person to handle because the motivation changes from the perspective of others.

7 Ways To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Now, I will introduce measures to increase low self-esteem. Anyone can increase their self-esteem by practicing the methods presented here, although it will take some time. Please refer to it and put it into practice.

  1. Accept that you are imperfect

To increase your self-esteem, admit and accept that you are not perfect.

No one is perfect. It’s normal for your current situation and your ideals to be inconsistent. No one is living the perfect life you want, and the people around you don’t want you to be perfect.

By taking it for granted that there are things you can’t do, you can relax a little.

  1. Get dressed

To increase your self-esteem, first dress yourself. If you look sloppy, you will not be sloppy to your heart.

In addition, it is said that 90% of people’s first impressions are appearance. By changing the appearance, the evaluation from others also changes. If people recognize you, your self-esteem will increase. Changing the appearance can be very effective.

  1. Write down and visualize your strengths

To increase your self-esteem, it is effective to find and understand your good points. Find out what your strengths are and transcribe them on paper for visualization.

The effect is doubled by not only exploring the advantages but also writing and organizing. If you can directly see what is good for you, you will naturally gain confidence.

  1. When comparing, not the other person, but the past self

People with low self-esteem want to attach themselves to something and compare themselves with their surroundings. However, the way of thinking compared to others is also a cause of loss of self-esteem. Try to compare yourself with yourself, not others.

By comparing yourself with yourself in the past, you can also notice your small growth. You will be able to notice the parts that have not grown, and it will be an opportunity to develop your confidence.

  1. Make an effort to convey your feelings

People with low self-esteem are not good at communicating their thoughts and feelings. I have poor communication skills. However, communicative competence can be improved if you do your best.

By making an effort to convey your feelings to others, you will gain confidence in your opinions and ideas. Try to break the shell instead of shutting it in the shell.

  1. Try to stop what you really don’t like

“I don’t really want to do it, but I do it.” If that happens, the burden on your life will increase and your self-esteem will become lower and lower. If you want to increase your self-esteem, try to stop thinking “I really don’t like it”.

It’s the decluttering of tasks in life. Gently distance yourself from the things you don’t like will make your life surprisingly easy.

  1. Be kind to people

People with low self-esteem give priority to themselves in everything. Think not only about yourself, but about others. And by being kind to people, self-esteem will naturally increase.

You will be grateful if you are kind to others. The more you experience being grateful, the more confident you will be.

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