Six Basic Rituals For Success


There are six basic rituals for success and each area is important to create balance in your life. If you ignore one of the six main areas of success, you will not be able to function at your best. You’ll have a sense of lack in your life and could even waste time trying to fill the void with the wrong things.

The Six Main Rituals For Success Are: 

  • Physical Health
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Career or Business
  • Finance
  • Spirituality

1- Physical Health

Basic Physical Health Ritual For Success

It is important to make sure to do everything possible to keep your physical health at all cost. It is quite logical that one of two things happen if you do not keep a healthy body and mind. You will have to spend a fortune on medicines and doctors, or it will lead to an untimely death due to some kind of health problem. Exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and drink plenty of water can help you keep you healthy. 

2- Emotions

Emotions Ritual For Success

Your emotions affect your mind. If you are mentally ill or unstable, then you cannot make objective decisions. A decision made when you are emotionally unstable can wreak havoc on your life.

The six core areas of success are correlated. Take, for example, if something happens that triggers your negative emotions (you may be feeling sad or angry), you can always exercise to calm yourself. It is not only your negative emotions that you must learn to control because if you are too excited or happy, but you can also make a wrong decision.

For example, if you are overzealous, you could spend money on things you do not need, and that money could be so invested in something that increases your income and quality of life. Life is about creating the right balance in everything you do.

3- Relationships

Relationships Ritual For Success
Relationships Ritual For Success

Your relations can affect your health and emotions. A toxic relationship will leave you with feelings of despair and anger. Unhappiness and anger can lead to depression. Depression affects your progress, either losing time to work or taking decisions, which ultimately will result in failure.

The benefit of good relationships will create paradise for you on earth. The world in your eyes is at peace because your heart is full of love, and your mind will have its cover made of thoughts of joy. You will work better. You will be more eager to get up in the morning because you are grateful for another day to be with your loved ones.

Examine your relationships and see how they are affecting your life. If you have being around someone who makes you feel overwhelmed, or you feel like that person is taking away all your hope and joy, then that is a toxic connection. You need to disconnect from that person. Relationships that motivate you to improve or those that help your ideas shine are what you need in your life.

4- Career or Business

Career or Business Rituals For Success

Observe the attitude shown by people in your workplace can always tell who loves his job and who does not. If you are not in a job, career, or business that makes you feel that this is what you were born to do, then you might be in the wrong field. Your career or business must make you satisfied no matter what obstacles you face daily. When in the right field, you will be easier to stay focused and, because of the passion you feel for your career or business failure cannot convince you to quit.

5- Finance

Finance Rituals For Success

Rich and happy is the wish of all of us. However, if you want to be rich, you might take years of hard work to do it but, can only takes a minute with a bad investment, which will result in losing all of your money. If you do not have money, it is possible that you feel unhappy because you cannot buy the things you need to keep you and your family comfortable. No money can also prevent you from invest in your career or business. However, you can have money and still not be happy, because there is an imbalance in one of the other five core areas of success. Never spend money on things just because you want to impress others. It is definitely not a ritual of successful people. The richest people alive are humble and some of them says they don’t need much to live happy.

You should also adopt the principle of giving back to the less fortunate. Just as you will begin to practice the other rituals of success, this is a habit that you must also develop. Give as much as you can to charity now and as your wealth increases, so does the portion for charity.

6- Spirituality

Spirituality Rituals For Success

no matter what t your religious preference is, spirituality is an important aspect of spiritual success. Spirituality can be found all around you, from time spent in nature to meditation and your religious practices. Spirituality has the ability to land you and keep you close to your own personal feelings and help you overcome anxiety and excitement, which allow you to make clear judgments.

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