Are you aware of the importance of human relations skill?

Human skills is without a doubt the most important knowledge that one could have.I spent a little over six months writing, researching, and gathering information to put together this book I hope you find it useful.

The ability to impact people is an important skill everyone should have. Enforcing authority may work with people who work directly under you, but it will not work for those who do not.
Influence, on the other hand, will help you indirectly manage and control both those who work for you and those who do not.
Influence is an art and it is vital in every facet of life. This book is, therefore, relevant to you regardless of your vocation or career level. The principles to growing influence are the same and are applicable to everyone. Regardless of what you do, you will need to influence actions and people every so often. 
By the end of this book you’ll be able to: 

* Better understand how people think
* Have better judgement
* Learn how to handle rejection
* Influence people to take action

This book will help you grow your level of influence for your personal and business life.

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