What is Happiness?


Do you know what is happiness? Are you happy? Most of the people are not sure about it. Happiness is something that cannot be easily defined. many are not living happy in this recent age. To make ourselves as happy as we possibly can with the stresses and tensions, we all undergo daily isn’t an easy task.

What is happiness? When you say that you are feeling happy, it may mean that you just got something that you love­­ and that makes you happy for a short period. Have you ever seen people who have won a big lottery prize? They look so happy, right. What happen when you see them after some years, when they spent all their money, or they get used to be rich you will find the same unhappy person. Same with a married couple the looks very happy while getting married but meet them after couple of years in court getting divorce–happiness was not their nature, but only a reaction to circumstances.

Can people always be happy? It is very possible if you are committed to. Smile and feel happy at all the times is a decision. No matter if you have suffered a big loss, you can still be happy. It can sound silly, but this can be more than possible. Happiness will give you the confidence and strength to fight against all the odds and come out as a winner under any conditions.

How do you define happiness?

Happiness is considered one of the most used words in the entire world. We all say phrases like, you look happy, the children look so happy while playing, you don’t look so happy today, or I’m very happy today.  How do we make a happy world? How do we avoid the feelings of sadness in our life? Can we come out we a pill? The research looking for happiness is endless. What is the common definition of happiness? The general available answer say that happiness is the state when one feels good, elated, contented, good etc. Can happiness be a lifelong gift or is it just an emotion experienced for a short period. Again, happiness is a decision—you choose to be happy.

Let’s find out what is not happiness: Low self-esteem, feelings of despondency, sadness, guilt, helplessness, frustration, low interest, uncertainty, and all such negative emotions is not happiness. Now let’s talk about what is happiness: Feeling good, cheerful, having positive thoughts, having a winning attitude, a satisfied living, enjoyment, and all such emotions that make us feel good that is happiness.

Is it happiness the same for everyone? Happiness is not something that we all feel the same. I may be happy when I watch the star, but you may enjoy and be happier when you see the sunshine. We all have a different definition of our own happiness.

Where Can You Find Happiness?

Do you go through life feeling the same every day like a repeated pattern? There’s people that feels that there’s nothing new for them under the sun. They feel there’s not nowhere to go. Everything for them is boring and with no colors. They work to earn just enough to play the game of life, but they feel their playtime passes very fast. The suffer five long days to enjoy 2 days. And to break the suffering they get intoxicants with alcohol, smoke, sex, and even other types of drugs. They sign up for these moments of pleasures and they feel great until over. Once the moment of temporary pleasure passed, they are back to the same pattern—waiting for the next weekend.

For your to be enthusiasm you need the natural feeling of drive, anticipation, and excitement in whatever you do in your life. When you don’t know how to get it naturally, you trying to stimulate the sense of being fully alive. You do desperately things to bring some meaning into life. But happiness is within you–if you can’t satisfy your wants and needs, the other way to happiness is to release them and to let go of that which you think you must have.

Many of people desires are misplaced.

We all think that getting certain stuff will bring us happiness, but this is an illusion. All these desires are just temporary pleasures and nothing else.  Remember that you don’t have to satisfy your desires or “need” to be happy; you can release them

Those people who feel good every day, have one mental characteristic in common. They have a dream; they have something to live for. Those people know what they want out of in life and they fight for it. The sense of purpose drives them act and gives them meaning to their existence. They get to discover their true calling and are living life to the fullest by following it. If you want to find the true meaning and happiness in your life, you must discover your life’s purpose. Every one of us has a unique destiny. There is a path made specially for you to walk on through your life journey. Follow it, and you arrive in your own paradise. Ignore it, and you will continue to wander… wasting your time and your life.

answer your souls calling, you break free from the chains of monotony, and find truth, meaning, and happiness in life.

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